If you are interested in volunteering for Chaos please fill out this form and hit submit at the bottom of the page.

*You are responsible to check your Email / Facebook regularly for Chaos information.

What areas are you interested in working?

Please choose more than one area and in the box below list your top 3 choices. Understand that you may not get your choice if positions are already filled. Your filling this out  helps us know where you’d like to serve.

Lunch costs $2.75 per day per child and is available for your nursery child (please pay by June 4th).

Monday: Chicken Nuggets, tator tots, fruit, dessert, milk, juice or water

Tuesday: Corn dogs, chips, fruit, milk, juice or water

Wednesday: Hamburgers, chips, fruit, dessert, milk, juice or water

Thursday: Hot dog, chips, fruit, dessert, milk, juice or water

Friday: school cheese pizza, tator tots, fruit, dessert, milk, juice or water

You will be contacted by email or FB that your application has been accepted for service at Summer CHAOS.  If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please email or contact us at the number above. 

Be sure to check the email address you gave us or your Facebook page often as we will send you updates and reminders.  If we have not connected before the beginning of Chaos, your name will be taken off of our volunteer list.

If you have kids that you will be signing up for Chaos, be sure to fill out and return the student registration form as close to April 1st as possible.  Chaos is first come first serve program.  We cannot hold your child a spot if you do not turn in the paperwork and money.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all volunteers on Saturday, May 12th.