m1Mentoring at PABC

Park Avenue Baptist Church is excited to offer several opportunities to be involved in mentoring relationships through our Mentoring Ministry.

At PABC we define mentoring as sharing life and life lessons with another person in a defined relationship for a focused purpose.

Mentor is one who is willing to give time and expertise to guide the development of another.

person being mentored is someone who desires to glean wisdom for their life journey, grow in some character quality or gain some skill from one who can impart what is needed. A mentoring relationship is often cross-generational, usually time defined and always intentional in focus.

So What is mentoring….

Mentoring is one of the oldest and best methods of personal growth, learning new skills or developing in multiple arenas of life. In times before academic degrees were mandatory for many careers, mentoring was the accepted system for training people for everything from manual skills to professions, such as medicine and law. Today there are several types of mentoring available in many practical areas of life. Here at PABC we try to encourage and provide three specific types:

1. Personal Growth and Spiritual Development Mentoring

As we look at Scripture we see this type of mentoring clearly through the relationship between Paul and Timothy. We don’t know how much technical skill as a missionary Paul gave Timothy, but we do know Paul invested dynamically and specifically in Timothy’s life. Whether it was discipleship, spiritual coaching or just encouragement there were lifestyle mentoring principles taking place that led to personal growth and spiritual development. We know Paul was a “father in the faith” to Timothy and encouraged him to observe him at work. In the broad sense, we could call Paul a lifestyle mentor to Timothy. Many times this is most effective as a cross-generational mentoring relationship as well.

2. Skills/Art Mentoringm5

Skills-art mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between two individuals for the specific and definable development of a skill or an art. Skills-art mentoring can cover multiple areas from practical life skills such as personal leadership, finances, marriage, parenting etc. as well as art/technical skills such as fine arts, music, media or other technical skills.  This is a common mentoring model and is greatly dependent on the knowledge and experience of the mentor in a specific skill or art.

3. Career/Ministry Mentoring

This type of mentoring often is seen in the Bible as well and specifically in the Paul-Timothy model. It places an emphasis on discovering spiritual gifts, developing character qualities along with specific skill sets and defining personal calling and passion. The mentor is often more experienced in some specific aspect of career or life skills such as ministry, relational skills, training, equipping, life coaching or career development, etc. This also is a very common mentoring method for people starting out in the work force as well as those who are at a cross-roads for a new direction.

Interested in mentoring or want to know more?