FAQ’s Regarding Steve Yuke

Why is Steve leaving his current church?

Steve & Katherine believe their time of serving at Calgary is coming to an end. Steve believes that God has released him from his current role of Executive Pastor at Calgary Full Gospel, enabling him to pursue his desire to be a Sr. Pastor once again.

Can I see Steve’s resume to learn more about his ministry experience and family information?

Yes. It is on our website at http://parkavenue.org/transition/or can be picked up in the foyer or church office.

Can I watch a sermon from Steve?

Yes, you can view recent sermons from him at his current church; the website is http://calgaryfullgospel.com/. Click on “Latest Sermon” and scroll down until you find one of the sermons by Steve Yuke.  Also, Steve will preach on Sunday 09/24/17, right here at PABC.

What were the primary qualities / qualifications the elders recommended Steve as the next Sr. Pastor for PABC?

Steve has an immense heart for the Lord and lives this out on a daily basis (which was confirmed by his References).  There was a level of spiritual depth that placed him above the other candidates.  No matter if you have been in church all your life or visiting for the first time, people can relate to his sermons.  Steve has grown every ministry he has been connected with.  He has great vision and is a great communicator.  He has a heart to reach the younger generation.  He is always trying to reach the unchurched and wants to connect with folks.

Can I contact Steve or his wife?

Out of respect for Steve’s current church employment in Canada, we are asking that you NOT contact him nor his church during this time.

What does Full Gospel mean and how is that different than Baptist?

Perhaps, the best way to answer this is to say that denominations can often put people in a box or put churches in a box for that matter. One size does not fit all. As Pastor shared from the pulpit recently, so many people come to PABC (over the years) and have commented that it is not what they expected nor did it seem or feel Baptist. Steve and the elders have met and communicated extensively over the past couple of months. There is nothing theologically that sends up a red flag with the elders about Steve. All of the primary tenants of the essential faith that PABC embraces, Steve embraces and likewise. Park Avenue Baptist has some beliefs and practices that don’t necessarily fall within the traditional Baptist or Southern Baptist look or feel; the same is true for Steve and his denominational background. Feel free to research Full Gospel and Baptist while keeping this in mind.

Steve and his family are from Canada so how does the immigration thing work from there to America?

We will begin to file legal paperwork for Steve and his family on what is called an R-1 visa (temporary nonimmigrant religious worker visa). Normally speaking, we are looking at about an average processing time of 6 months (could be shorter or longer).

Once Steve and family are here in Titusville and getting established; we would then begin the process of filing for the EB-4 immigration visa. In short, this process is needed to make him and his family permanent residents of the United States. This process takes about one year.

Any legal process is not without some hiccups, including this one. It is complicated and there are no guarantees though there are favorable chances of success. We would hire an immigration attorney to help us with this process. This needs to be an item of continued prayer; pray that the immigration process would go quickly and smoothly.

What are the next steps of Steve becoming Pastor here at PABC?

The first step is that the elders recommend him to the church body. This happened on 08/27/17.

The next step is for Steve to come to PABC to share his heart and to answer questions during the informational meetings. Also, during this same weekend, Steve will preach at the Sunday church service on September 24th. All of this will take place on 9/22 – 9/24 as follows:

Revised Informational meetings with Steve Yuke in the PABC Sanctuary:

Friday 9/22 at 6 pm*             (last name begins with A-G)

Saturday 9/23 at 9 am*         (last names begins with H-L)

Saturday 9/23 at 4 pm            (last name begins with M-R)

Sunday 9/24 at 4 pm               (last name begins with S-Z)

*Nursery provided (6 months to 6 years). For those in need of childcare, regardless of last name, it is recommended that you come on either Friday evening or Saturday morning.


For all others, it would be appreciated if you attend the mtg. that correlates with your last name. This is not mandatory but would certainly help with having a balanced attendance.


Revised Q&A time with the elders in the PABC office conference room:

Monday 9/25, at 6 pm in the sanctuary, there will be a question and answer time with the elders for anyone who has follow-up questions. Steve & Katherine will not be at this meeting. Childcare will be provided for this meeting.  

Then, the next step is for the church body (church members only) to vote on Steve Yuke as the next Sr. Pastor of PABC. This vote will take place on Sunday, October 1st, immediately before and after the church service.

If you know you are going to be out of town on October 1st, you may vote ahead of time. Stop by the church office during regular weekday hours. Voting will close on Monday, October 2nd at noon.

The final step would be immigration approval, first the R1 followed by the EB4, for Steve and his family.  Once approved, Steve would start immediately thereafter and his wife and family would be with him then or soon thereafter (wrapping things up in Canada to possibly include the school year depending on the timing).

What about the staff? Are any of them leaving with this new Sr. Pastor coming in?

Steve’s heart is to work with the current staff and to build relationships with them. Obviously, with any significant transition, there is always the possibility of changes but Steve’s heart (and, for that matter, the heart of the staff) is to build and form a great and healthy working relationship and continue to move out on what God is calling us to.

What if Steve is not affirmed by the church vote or if he is, but the immigration does not pass?

The elders would go back to the drawing board and start over. Pastor Richard would remain in place in the interim.

Is Steve going to come in and completely change everything we do and what we are about?

Steve feels good about where PABC is and believes that God wants to take PABC to new heights and new places. He wants to build upon what is already firmly in place. Like all of us, Steve would like to see our numbers grow and younger families come in and will be focused on working towards that. Steve will have a fresh and clear vision for Park Avenue while also honoring where we have been and who we are.  Steve will likely take much of his first year getting to know the staff, the body and what we are all about. He will evaluate and collaborate with leaders and elders with much prayer and seeking wisdom. Out of that, as to whatever changes may come, we can trust God for the resulting changes, whatever they may be. Change for the sake of Change is not Steve’s heart. Change for the sake of advancement of the Kingdom is.

What about Pastor Richard? When does he leave and what is next for him and Debbie?

Pastor Richard has indicated that he is comfortable in staying here as Sr. Pastor until after the next Sr. Pastor has been selected and is in place.  As for a transitional overlap, it would likely be short and those details would be worked out between the new Sr. Pastor, the elders and Richard.  The heart here is to have a smooth transition and healthy handoff for all involved.

What is next for Richard & Debbie is an area they are still seeking God’s will on. While they do not have complete clarity yet, they feel at peace that Richard’s time as Sr. Pastor of PABC is drawing to an end and also trust that God has plans for them in their next chapter of life.

Richard does not want any official role here at PABC after his departure of Sr. Pastor. He wants to fully support Steve and what God has in store for the next season of PABC’s life. Richard & Debbie may take some time away after he retires but are clearly welcome to be a part of the PABC family. Some of those details will be discussed and worked out with the new Sr. Pastor.

What can you share with me as I am processing this new Sr. Pastor change and deciding how to vote?

First off, this is not a surprise to God. God knew this day was coming and He also knows that churches go through this all the time. For PABC, it is only our 3rd time going through it in our almost 50 year history.

Secondly, the elders and the church have been praying over this for quite some time. The elders have been praying and seeking God for a couple of years now about this process and have been especially focused these last few months. The elders believe that Steve Yuke is to be our next Sr. Pastor and that this is of the Lord. Steve & Katherine feel the same.

Seek for the information you need, pray and then trust God to give you the peace and clarity you need. Vote as God directs you and trust Him with the results. If Steve is indeed God’s man for PABC, the vote will only affirm this. Our bylaws and constitution are set-up for this check & balance / confirmation process.

If I have further questions that are not answered above; who can I talk with?

You can come to one of the informational meetings or the questions and answer session with the elders (as noted above). You may also contact any of our elders; below is their contact information.

Richard Lord, 720-3867                   Randy Coleman 383-9760

Charlie Long, 243-1962                   Bruce Magnuson, 269-5919

Terry Moon, 507-3937                      Paul Redlien, 360-2879

Jamie Peer, 941-809-2246               Jack Simpson, 225-8285

David Tucker, 268-2422                   Donovan Underwood, 624-9672

Rick Unrue, 698-0025