T-SideWednesday Nights 6:00PM – 7:30PM

PABC’s Ashkelon Building 1651 Park Avenue

Middle school is such a pivotal time in a student’s life.  Dealing with who they are becoming, what they think about life, and trying to find their unique place in this ever-changing world are only a few of the issues they are facing.

We believe that having an encounter with God is the highest priority in a person’s life.  That is essential if they are to become all God has created them to be.  Next of importance is to plug into a community, a group of like-minded individuals, where healthy relationships can be established and basic truths about God and life are shared that will result in spiritual growth.  Finally, the Bible instructs us to go into the world and share our faith in Jesus Christ with those around us.  These are the main elements that drive what we do and why we do it.

Our leaders are here to listen to these students and their needs, lead them into a personal relationship with God, demonstrate God’s love for them through teaching and give guidance in determining God’s plan for their life.  And along the way, we offer lots of fun times and activities that are relevant to their age group.





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