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Auto MaintAugust 1st: Sat., Aug. 1. This ministry is in place to help single moms and widows with routine car upkeep. Call 269-6702 ext. 1-215 to make an appointment…..Read More

40-StillAug. 2nd: Sun. Aug. 2, 6.m. at Ashkelon- a special training time for all leaders within PABC. If you are a leader of a life group, a teacher of a class for any age, or lead in other types of ministry involving teaching or influencing, you are invited…..Read More


What if… everyone… every individual, family and organization was generous?

What if every church, every business, every non-profit, every government agency in North Brevard joined together… for 40 days… with one purpose.


Its coming! Join us this September 19th (9am – 4pm) at the Thriving Step-Family Conference. Registration opens 7/1/15…

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7-26-15 Missions Weekend

What People Think About Park Avenue Baptist

My husband and I have had 6 amazing years at Park Ave! When we first attended we were drawn to the worship and the Word, we found it was easy to enter  the presence of the Lord with the worship team because they were simply worshiping! No showmanship or performance, but sincere worship with the purpose to honor God.  The Word from Pastor Richard was always full of scripture and real life examples that made the Word come alive.
Charlie and Donna Long,
Park Avenue Baptist Church has been my home for over 37 years, from the day I was born.  This church has been an integral part in helping me to become the person that I am today. Throughout the many years of being a part of the nursery, children’s ministry, youth ministry, private school, and now a small  group that I consider my family, I have come to know Jesus Christ and continue to have a growing relationship with Him.
Rebecca Gantenbein,
Park Avenue has meant the world to me and my new wife. This church is home, the love from people when I have gone through rough times, and the constant support is unparalleled. 
Ricky Claxton,
We have been attending Park Avenue Baptist Church for 4 years now and it has literally changed our family’s lives. We have grown and continue to grow in our faith due to the work God is doing there and amazing leaders and congregation.  The children and adult ministry is incredible and we have all become so excited to learn more and more about God and ourselves in the process.  The church has been a blessing to us and we see God doing amazing things there.
Donovan and Nicole Underwood,

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